Concrete Worktops UK – Durable and Easy to Maintain

Concrete is a popular building material because of its simplicity and durability. Concrete can be found in foundations, driveways, and in the base of decks, fire pits, and patios. Despite its use, homeowners might have trouble installing and finishing it on their own. A professional concrete finisher can ensure that the concrete has a smooth, even feel. If you are looking for a professional concrete provider end your search now. You have come to the right place. ConcreteMade Ltd has got you covered. We will make sure that your concrete worktops UK are flattened out, are smooth with fine edges so they are less likely to chip and break over time.

ConcreteMade Ltd concrete worktops are available in a range of finishes from matte, lightly polished to highly polished gloss. Unlike composite stone worktops or natural stone worktops, concrete kitchen worktops can be personalised by being inlaid with elements of your choice – from pebbles and small stones to shells, tiles, pieces of glass and even personal heirlooms. This adds character and interest and can make for a totally unique surface. In the kitchen, concrete worktops UK and concrete sinks can be combined for a complete concrete look. And thanks to the material’s durability and ease of maintenance, concrete worktops work very well in indoor as well as outdoor areas.

It’s high time that you upgrade your worktops with a durable material that gives ease for a lifetime. We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest innovations, trends, and technology to offer our customers an unparalleled experience and end product. Our team, from our owners to our field installers, are involved in every aspect of every build. This gives us insight and inside knowledge that continues to make every build we’re involved with even better than the last. Bespoke concrete worktops are all about versatility. Unlike other stones, concrete countertops are tailored specifically for you – meaning there are endless design options, both functional and aesthetic. To get started with your project, call us today or visit our visual online estimate form to receive a complimentary quote.


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